This Board Diversity Policy sets out the policy and framework for promoting diversity on the Board of Directors (“Board”) of the Company.

Policy Statement

The Company is strongly committed to fostering diversity and inclusion on its Board, leveraging on the collective strength of its members who possess diverse abilities, knowledge, skills and professional experiences, and are able to contribute unique and valuable perspectives due to their different backgrounds, gender and cultures, effectively spurring innovative thinking and cultivating sustainable competitive advantages for the Company’s long-term growth and success.

When reviewing and assessing the composition of the Board and making recommendations to the Board for the appointment of Directors, the Nominating Committee (“NC”) of the Company will consider all aspects of diversity in order to arrive at an optimum balanced composition of the Board.

As gender is an important aspect of diversity, the NC will strive to ensure that:

  • when seeking to identify a new Director for appointment to the Board, the NC will request for female candidates to be fielded for consideration; and
  • female representation on the Board be continually improved over time based on the set objectives of the Board.

The final decision on selection of Directors will be based on merit against an objective criteria that complements and expands the skills and experience of the Board as a whole, and after having given due regard to the overall balance and effectiveness of a diverse Board.

Setting Objectives

The NC will discuss and agree on the relevant measurable objectives for promoting and achieving diversity on the Board and make its recommendations for consideration and approval by the Board.

Implement and Report

The NC will be responsible for ensuring that this Policy is implemented in an effective and practical manner. It will report to the Board periodically on the progress made in achieving the objectives set for promoting diversity as described in this Policy.

Review of Policy

The NC will review this Policy from time to time, as appropriate, for an assessment of its effectiveness and will recommend changes, as appropriate, to the Board.