Sailing Clinic

The sailing clinic was launched in 2015: a mobile clinic that roams around the Mergui Archipelago to provide medical assistance to villages that do not possess proper healthcare facilities and expertise.

Moken Kids Book

Moken Kids, launched in 2018, is a CSR initiative to preserve & understand the Moken culture by giving waterproof cameras to Mokan children. The goal is to make a coffee table book and use the proceeds for the benefit of the Mokan community.

FMI Community Light Center

84% of households in rural Myanmar have no access to electricity. CLC, through sustainable & social initiative, installs 4 solar lights that illuminate an area of 1’000 square meters, providing light for 200-300 households.

Rain forest Conservation

Ensuring the future of the rainforests through sensible solutions and with respect to the local inhabitants.

Marine Conservation

The health of all life on earth directly or indirectly depend on a healthy ocean. As humans began to realise their increasing impacts on the ocean. We identify current living species near and around Pila island, engage in coral rehabilitation and protection, implement measures to protect endangered fauna & flora and educate local inhabitants on the importance of conservation in the long run.

Refill Not Landfill Campaign

Memories Group is part of the Refill Not Landfill campaign. This initiative aims to cut down on the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year by offering an alternative: reusable aluminium bottles. These branded bottles can be refilled free of charge at partners venues, including all our hotels and restaurants.

Environmental Preservation

Balloons over Bagan continues to play an important role in contributing to community projects throughout the Bagan region of Myanmar and to other causes in more remote areas of the country. Their projects focus on three main areas: education (Rehabilitation of school and facilities), health and Conservation (Protecting trees, animals, natural heritage, land, etc.). As an active player in the sustainability of the Bagan area, they participate in plastic free projects through, a non-governmental organization (NGO) striving to become the plastic free Bagan in the archeological zone area ,they donate the new school building in the required village each year to reduce uneducated people and poverty for the benefit of the local stakeholders (community).